Why I Made This

Hi, I'm Newvick, the person making habitmon.com. Back in January 2019, I created habitmon to help me create a daily journalling routine. 

I've read about different behavioural psychology methods from authors like James Clear (Atomic Habits), and BJ Fogg (Tiny Habits). It struck me that there were these effective ways of improving our behaviour, but we don't use them. It's not like they're difficult either. For example, Atomic Habits recommends starting off with any habit using the 2-minute rule. You just do it for 2 minutes to build the consistency. Anyone can do something for two minutes.

So why weren't people using these ideas? It's difficult to find the discipline to do it when you're already trying to implement a new habit. This is where habitmon comes in. Habitmon is like a coach who helps you setup an effective and manageable plan, and keeps you going when it gets difficult.

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