Two-Minute Method

Habits form based on frequency, not time - James Clear.  

I've noticed that for myself and my friends, we often start trying to create a new habit based on what sounds socially acceptable. It sounds interesting when you're telling others that you're doing one hour of meditation everyday. It doesn't sound as good if you're doing it for two minutes. Maybe it's an ego thing, but it's just not helpful when you've never meditated before. 

I've been approaching these new habits as skills. The most important goal when I get started is to make sure that I'm doing it consistently. Doing something everyday is often easier than 3-4 times a week. It's analogous to playing a game where the first few levels are there to help you get started and understand how it works. They are often very easy so that you keep at it. As you level up, it becomes more difficult to get to the next level. But at that point, you've reaped some of the benefits of your skills and you are OK with the increased difficulty.

In the beginning, just focus on getting the reps in. You can improve an existing habit, but you can't improve one that doesn't exist.

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