Habitmon Scoring and Quests

Habitmon's new scoring system is live. This is an example of what it looks like:

For each habit, you will have a score and an emoji badge.

Your score is the total number of times you've completed the habit. 

Your emoji badge represents the highest level quest you've completed. When you first start off, you will have a 🆕 badge. After sometime, it will go away, meaning you've unlocked the ability to take quests. Each quest depends on your streak.

If you take a look at the example above, for Daily Exercise, the person has exercised for 11 days. He also has a 1️⃣ badge meaning that he's exercised for at least 10 times in a row!

For the meditation habit, he's meditated for 85 times. His badge is 7️⃣ though, so that means his highest streak is at least 70. 

When you've completed more quests, your badge will be a higher number each time. And there are also surprise badges waiting for you! 🔥 🌊 🌳 🌪️

Here's an in-depth table of your streak and badge:

Streak  | Badge
10-19   |   1️⃣
20-29   |   2️⃣
30-39   |   3️⃣
40-49   |   4️⃣
50-59   |   5️⃣
60-69   |   6️⃣
70-79   |   7️⃣
80-89   |   8️⃣
90-99   |   9️⃣
100+    |   🔟

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